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March 26, 2014 A VERY TRUE STORY – truckaddons vs Teodora Shinn

@truckaddons for a $795 cover turned up $1043.50 a cover that was returned unopened #iwantmyrefund #donotpatronize

I Purchased truck cover for a surprised gift Christmas gift for my husband on December 5, 2013 Paid via credit card for $795.00. The truck cover arrived on December 19. It was NOT the perfect cover for my husband’s construction company. On Dec 22, I called truckaddons and requested an RMA number to return the product. I was given an RMA number, sent/shipped it back “unopened” to the manufacturer via FedExp LTL. I wrote on the FedExp LTL form that the RECIPIENT will pay for the freight.

On January 3, I received a FedEx invoice for $705.50. I called FedExp numerous times to reverse the charges as RECIPIENT was to pay for the freight. To top it all, I found out the truckaddons has a “special shipping/discounted price with FedEx LTL – lower that the $705.50 that was being billed to me. Simple solution, truckaddons should have passed the discounted rate that FedEx LTL gave them and passed them on to me – the CASED CLOSED.

I called truckaddons – and NO RETURN CALL – and FedExp told me that they have send truckaddons the total discounted shipping price they have with FedExp and that they can just forward this amount to me (which is lower than the original invoice of $705.50

To sum it all up: After almost 3 months of trying to resolve these issue with truckaddons – and here is my breakdown:

Vehicle Information:

Make: Toyota Model: Tacoma Year: 2006 Wheel: Pre Runner

Doors: Bed: 5' Short Bed Cab: yes Engine: V6

Dec 5, 2013 Order # P0176483 Original Order $795.00

Feb 26, 2014 I am pleading truckaddons to work with FedExp regarding this $703.50 invoice that FedExp LTL is charging me. As mentioned, they have sent me a 2nd "delinquent" notice and will be sent to collections. This needs to get closure. 866-393-4585 Ref: Freight Bill # 2855514012

To date: $795.00 Truck Cover

$703.53 FedExp bill (they have a discounted rate with FedExp - I am willing to pay for their discounted rate!

($455.00) Refund for return of cover

So far, I have ended up paying $1,043.50 for a $795.00 cover which TruckAddons already have in their possession. (FREE & CLEAR.) I want this resolved. I want my refund back - $1,043.50 – otherwise – I am sending this to litigation. It’s been a VERY stressful experience – never again!

Teodora Shinn

Paul R. Shinn Construction

3234 Corte Valencia

Fairfield, CA 94534 916-844-6975 707-688-3604

Monetary Loss: $1044.

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Port Penn, Delaware, United States #812165

You are screwed. Get in line behind a bazillion others as they are out of business and seeking bankruptcy protection.

Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #808387

They went out of business. You willhave to go thru bankruptcy court via Barry Sanders

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