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I ordered over $500.00 of truck accessories from truckaddons. They backordered several items.

Of those backordered items I received all but 1 item. A bug deflector, which after 2 months I canceled. This item was $50.00 and truckaddons will not communicate with me. The guy who answered the phone when I called them about nonshipment told me I could not cancel the order. I later reeived an email that the item shipped, but I never received it.

Their customer service is virtually naught. At this point I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with the Kentucky Attorney General.

I hope everyone has better luck than I have had on refunds.

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You never got your refund because they probably spent it in litigation with other pissed customers! Place is a joke - they will get theirs in time.

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