If you are considering purchasing anything from TruckAddons.com, I would recommend you find somewhere else to go. I have never dealt with such a terrible company! This is all my opinion, but I certainly will not be doing business with them ever again.

They shipped me the incorrect item. I contacted them 3 times trying to get it returned, and never got an answer. I finally got a hold of someone, and they picked it up and sent it back.

After waiting for a week for my card to be credited back, nothing happened, so I called them up. Finally got a hold of someone, and they said they just got it in, although it had been there for almost a week. Anyway, they said they could issue a refund, but were going to charge me a 20% restocking fee! I can understand a restocking fee under normal conditions, but they sent me the incorrect item! I so got charged $24 and had to waste a lot of my time so I could be sent the wrong item, and have to return it to them.

That is *** poor customer service anyway you look at it. I won't ever be back there, and I would hope that you stay away also.

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TruckAddOns sucks!!! Don't order anything from them! They don't know what they have on hand, they will tell you one charge on the phone then charge something different (oh, it's the "system")....they have the poorest customer service, the weakest inventory tracking.....just do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!!!


Truckaddons.com is the best, Saved me money and shipped on time, Great Company


Alot of people bashing truckassons.com I ordered an $1150.00 Bumper from them that was at least $200-$300 less than the next best price I could find. Shipped from NC.

to California in 8 days.

Nothing but the best from them in my experience. Thanks Truckaddons.com


ordered a cover on wed got it on sat. no problem

Gainesville, Virginia, United States #22703

My wife ordered me a Pace Edwards bedcover for my Dodge as a birthday gift. It arrived in 3 days!

I got it as an EARLY birthday gift thanks to them! I see no problem with doing business with this company, and plan on ordering some more items from them as money permits!

Gainesville, Virginia, United States #10507

Mr. Sanders couldn't be as bad as Randy Folley I dealt with there. Stay AWAY!!!!

Gainesville, Virginia, United States #10506

The owner gets off on *** off customers I believe, I got a hold of Mr. Sanders and he was the most rude, foul mouthed, inconsiderate person I have ever dealt with. They took me for over 500$ that American Express finally got back to me.

Spring, Texas, United States #10035

Problem with Nerf Bars - Truckaddons say contact Westin and Westin says contact Truckaddons. Very Sleazy!

Harper, Texas, United States #9591

I ordered a Bestop Soft top for my truck from these guys....one week has gone by, I've got my FedEx tracking number, have tracked it, and it's going to be delivered here Friday. So 9 days past my order date I'll have my product.

I don't see anything wrong with these guys. Good prices, fast shipping, free shipping, and $100 less than anywhere else I looked.

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