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Where do I begin....

Pricing for the product was misrepresented. Purchase price was competitive and the product was purchased through internet shopping cart. A few days later, it was indicated the product was incorrect for my application and the correct product was a substantial increase from the price advertised on shopping cart. I went through with purchase anyway.

Charges, refunds, and subsequent charges to my credit card made for confusion as to the status of my order. Shipment came in as partial and I was not informed of incomplete shipment. I had to inquire as to when my order would be completed. Emails were ignored and finally I had to call to find out the status of my order. Representative could not tell me when my order would be completed.

Order arrived in 3 separate shipments. Each package was damaged due to inadequate packaging...without a doubt. Products had no structural damage, but cosmetic blemishes were abundant. The heavy product (truck shocks) penetrated through the box and paint was chipped off. The shocks were just thrown in a box with no stabilizing padding to prevent mobility of product in box. Holes in packing resulted in the loss of installation hardware.

TruckAddOns blames Rancho for inadequate packaging and blames Fed Ex for improper handling. TruckAddOns will not accept any responsibility for damaged product. I had intended to purchase additional products from TruckAddOns, but employee BOB could not reassure me that additional purchases would be handled with better care. I was willing to live with cosmetic damage to the shocks exterior, but BOB disputed every issue I brought forward, was overly defensive, and combative towards my complaints; unwilling to accept any responsibility as the distributor of the product. In which case I decided I would not accept the damaged goods and would take my business elsewhere.

Now I am forced to file a claim with Fed Ex. Having owned a retail business before, I know that Fed Ex will not accept responsibility for damaged product considering the way it was packaged. I do not blame Fed Ex. A child could identify the reason for the damaged product. It was not due to improper handling, but rather it was due to insufficient packaging.

In discussing this with BOB of TruckAddOns, he admitted the packaging was poor; however, he said this was not his problem and to take my complaint to the manufacturer (who drop shipped the package). I did not purchase the product from Rancho, but rather TruckAddOns. Why should I have to escalate my complaint to Rancho?

Bob portrays TruckAddOns business motto as "fast and cheapest". First of all, it took over two weeks to receive the complete order and secondly the price was too good to be true as it was misrepresented and later increased.

If their motto of "fast and cheapest" was still is not worth the inconvenience of damaged product and utterly inept and incompetent customer service.

Do not waste your time and money on TruckAddOns. I learned the hard way that it is better to pay a few bucks more and support your local economy. Plus if you have a problem you can deal with the distributor face to face. Instead of having a guy like BOB flex his internet muscles and dismissing all of your concerns.

Monetary Loss: $425.

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Lexington, Kentucky, United States #600884

Did you originally order shocks...but you actually needed struts instead? If you had a vehicle that had to have struts...they are more costly...not a pricing mistake. If you call Truckaddons back and ask for Bobby, he will be able to give you a rebate on cosmetic damage!


Do you understand that the manufacturer's are the only ones you can blame for the way they package product or the freight companies if they damage the product? It looks like you are the one trying to whine about something hiding behind the internet instead of Bob.

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