I ordered a part from the company TRUCKADDONS over $400.00. After waiting a few weeks they shipped me the wrong part.

I contacted them and initially got the run around about you have reached the retail store not the online store etc. I had to repeatedly call them to speak with a representative.

They admitted to shipping me a wrong part and said they would ship to the correct one. I waited over two weeks to get the right part, after they told me it was shipped! When I never received the part I email them and once again said they made a mistake it was never shipped.

It was unreal how much they could give a *** about the customer. I finally contacted the actually manufacture IRONCROSS.

They immediately solved my problem and took full responsibility for TRUCK ADDONS. I would urge any NO MATTER what they are looking for DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from them.

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Grant Town, West Virginia, United States #446149

Wow! I don't get it...

Truckaddons Rocks! My experience had been nothing but great. I have bought from them several times... Fast, friendly knowledge,and yes, customer service oriented sales people.

I can not remember names, but I can say that they most often have the best deals. I got my parts fast too! Not sure about all the negativity... But not only will I use them again...

I recommend them to all my friends. Buy with confidence, I totally give them give stars!


I ordered a diff cover for my Ford in Sept 09. after waiting for 2 weeks I received the part.

I went to look under my truck and found out it was the wrong one. I contacted the returns department explaining that I need the other part and had no problem paying to ship it back, since I ordered the wrong one. The returns manager Stephanie sent me an email with an RGA # and instructions. After following the instructions to the T.

I still do not have a refund or the other part and it is now dec 09. stephanie is worthless. she does not return your calls and when you do get ahold of here she does not follow up. i even went back to the site two weeks a go and have not heard back again.

now they have my money and part. never again will i trust them.


Just received my order from truckaddons and it was wrong! I specifically called in so I wouldn't order the wrong part and I've got N-Fab bars for an extended cab that won't fit my Crew Cab.

It's time to spread the word. I'm a member in diesel/truck forums and will notify everyone I can on the crappy service.

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