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Ordered product from vendor and was charged for product. Product has not shipped and now nobody will take or return my calls.

I purchased a Encore Tonneau cover on 1/27/14 (model E18 62780). In the confirmation email, it said product would ship within 5-7 days. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything, I called and was told that product would be delivered within 1 week. After the week passed and no delivery, I called again to find status.

On 2/17/14 I called and talked with Randy Foley. He told me that there was a delay at the factory and this was the problem. I called the factory and talked with Jeff and he told me there was not a delay. My product was ready to be shipped however they wouldnt ship it because they had not been paid for the product.

He said once they were paid they would ship it within 24 hours. I called Randy back and told him what I found out. He transferred me to Phillip in purchasing to see if he could help me. I left a voicemail and he never called me back.

That afternoon, I talked with Randy again and he walked over to Phillips desk and got him to pick up the phone and talk with me. He told me to touch base with him on 2/18 and he would have an answer and work to get the shipment expedited.

I called and left him a voicemail and he never called me back. I also left messages for Larry Compton (he is the GM and I was told he would help me.) Over the course of 3 days I have left numerous voicemails for all involved and I have yet to receive back 1 phone call.

Monetary Loss: $805.

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I ordered a back rack and rails. I called a day or so before phones went down.

They sent me a tracking number. It wasnt right. I called back rack they told me company closed its doors and they seemed to know my order. It took almost three weeks but I got my order.

I was kinda shocked to see they went out of bussness.

In the long run I still got the lowest price for what I ordered. Guess I called just in time :upset


Trail Blazers aka has officially closed. Currently in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If you have ordered an item and not received it or need to return an item. I would simply do a charge back on your credit card, that is your only shot of getting your money back.

Camden, Tennessee, United States #791746

How the heck did you get them to answer the Phone. I have called and called them for the same reason and only get busy signals, and they have not answered ANY of my emails!!!

to buckmanjohn #791752

I think they are closed now. I must have been one of the last customers to order.

All I get now is a busy signal on every number I try to call.

Extremely frustrating situation.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #790650

I had the same problem. I ordered a extang cover and after calling the extang factory they informed me they had gone out of business I'm trying to get my money back from the credit card company. I have called and email with no response.

to Anonymous #790657

I have looked everywhere to see if they were still in business. The phones go directly to a busy signal but the websites were back up after being down for a couple days.

Very strange situation to say the least....

And if they are out of business, I can honestly say I am not surprised after this mess I have been dealing with.


I submitted a cancellation a little over a week ago. Called a day later to confirm they received cancellation.

Was told it was forwarded to that correct person. I tried calling since ,Monday and all I get is busy signals.

I had credit card charges disputed (already won that battle as bank issued credit and closed the case).

After all this, the product showed up today!

Want to return it but cannot talk to anyone to do it.

Guess I hold all the cards now.

Rochester, New York, United States #789395

Was wondering if you ever got your products. I ordered a lift kit on Feb 13th and never heard another word, they withdrew the money on the 14th. Now when you call all you get is a busy signal

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