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I had a horrible experience today with I was left speechless with their terriable customer service.

My husband was hung up on, told that they did not answer to any supervisor there and them the "customer service" rep. had the nerve after he hung up on my husband to pull my order receipt and call my cell phone to continue his rudeness!I can't believe these people still have a job after reading all the bad things! I have e-mailed the owner/Pres.Barry Sanders with no response as of yet.

You may want to look at BBB reviews before you order from this place. I sure wish I did!

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Everybody who orders from any company and makes a mistake ALWAYS blames the company that sells the product to them. DOES ANY CUSTOMER EVER FESS UP ABOUT THE MISTAKE BEING THEIRS?

I read the policy, if it's their fault they replace it, if it's your fault you pay. SIMPLE.

Find me any one competitor's site that doesnt have these same type of complaints on here!

to Co #617857

The name would be REAL TRUCK.COM . Real company Real people Real service.

Period. Nothing like the scam that truckaddons runs.


Said they would give me a 15.00 price match but never did.When i called about it i was giver a TON of B.S. and no 15.00 match.

I will never deal with these folks again.

They outright lie to make the sale. Anyone out there want to file a complant with the atterney general, count me in!!


Yes they claim to have great customer service but they're all a bunch of couch potatoes that sit around and until you say you want to order something! They suck, never buy anything from them!

Their manager Bud Sayles is a ***!

They only want your money that's why you can never find some place to send them a message because they don't care! Horrible company!


The owner is an ***, he lies. They barely stock anything thus the reason for the poor returns policy.

Even if they ship you the wrong part, and your return it you get hit with a restock fee.

Friends worked their, horrible. They don't pay you, they lie to you, and expect you to slave away for next to nothing.


I agree with you. The service from Truck add-ons is terrible. I would never recommend them to anyone and WILL be advising all of my 4X4 friends and anyone else I talk to NOT to buy from them!


I will say this the owner called me back 8:30 my time 9:30m his and was concerned about what had happened. There does seem to be someone who cares with their company :)

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