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Here are all of the e-mails I have had with Randy Foley, Returns Manager, of regarding my return:

--11/12/2010A phone order was placed with salesperson Jamie for a 727-DD transmission pan. All phone orders are recorded and a company employee has stated that they did check the recording and I did specify a 727-DD and was quoted $209, including shipping. (I was sent a 727-D as noted in the receipt below)

--11/12/2010 Paypal payment receipt:Transaction ID: 9YT494640P948154CAmount$209.00 USDMerchantTRUCKADDONS, LEXINGTON, KYPlease note that the name of merchant may be different once the transaction is complete.

--11/12/2010 e-mail receipt:Dear ZACHARY

Thank you for shopping with . The details of yourinternet order are listed at the bottom of this e-mail.

Order Number P00509700000



Total $: 209.00____________________________________________________________________________

Order Recap:Total Product $: 209.00Net Product$: 209.00Shipping: 0.00Sales Tax: 0.00Grand Total: 209.00

--11/12/2010 I phoned the company immediately to notify them of the incorrect part ordered shown on the receipt. I was told that "it would be taken care of Monday as it was past normal business hours on Friday at that point"

--11/15/2010No call was received from Truckaddons. Part was delivered via Fed Ex.

--11/15/2010I immediately called the Customer Service Dept. of Truckaddons to let them know the incorrect part was delivered. I also sent this e-mail at 10:39AM:I spoke to a sales rep on Friday when I received this e-mail regarding my mots recent order when I noticed that the sales rep that I had ordered with had ordered the wrong part. I had specifically ordered the 727-DD transmission pan and he ordered the 727-D pan. The rep that I spoke with after seeing the e-mail said he would take care of it, but then I see that the 727-D pan had shipped. I need to get this fixed this week and the 727-DD pan expedited so I have it by the weekend when I am doing the work.Please respond or call me direct.Thanks.

--11/16/2010 3PMI was finally called back and I was told to go to their website and submit a Returns Request. Here is what I put on the Return Request form:Return Information:Part Number: MGH 727DItem Desciption: TRANS PAN DODGE DEEPReason for return: When I ordered I specified that I wanted the 727-DD,double deep, transmission pan. When I received the e-mail notification Isaw that the sales rep had ordered the 727-D I then called in to notifyCustomer Service, but the item had shipped already. I want to make surethat I get the 727-DD for the same price as that is what I specified and theprice I paid was what was quoted for that part number.

--11/16/2010 3:08PMFirst e-mail from Randy Foley:Dear Valued Customer,

Your Return Request has been received. The Returns manager will reply within 48 hrs after you receive this automatic response. The Return Manager will send all the information and procedures necessary to return your part.

To expedite your delivery we recommend you place another order, and wait for the credit to be issued against the first charge. This will ensure that you will have the replacement in a timely manner. It will also ensure that all appropriate restocking fees will be waived New Products being returned must be in original package, and in resalable condition to receive credit. This is true whether it is being picked up as a result of OUR mistake, or you are sending it back for some other reason.Product damaged by the shipping company will be picked up and inspected. You will be required to take pictures of both the damaged product, and the damage to the shipping container. Forward these pictures to: and they will be attached to the Damage Claim filed with the shipper. Damage claims can be a lengthy process. We apologize for this ahead of time There are three people in the Return Department: Bobby Chestnut (ext # 1315) - Handles the Estes Freight Claims, Credit Card Chargebacks, RGA Requests, Manufacturer Credit Memoes, and Customer Service.Wesley Coleman (ext # 1774) - Handles the Fed Ex Damage Claims, creates Fed Ex Return Labels, Manufacturer Product Returns, and Customer Service. Randy Foley (ext # 1837) - Returns Manager. I will personally respond to every Return Request and make all final decisions regarding all returns. Very often, I cannot answer the phones. I will try to answers all emails within a reasonable time frame.

Thank You, Randy Foley

--11/17/2010 3PME-mail sent from Randy Foley:We will request Return Authorization from Premier.Then contact you with return procedure.

Cost of Mag-Hytec # 727DD is $249.95

Thank You,Randy Foley

(This was the first time I had ever been quoted $249.95 for the 727-DD item that I originally was quoted $209)

--11/17/2010 5PMMy e-mail response to Randy Foley:Randy, is there any way to expedite the process? I was trying to do this project this weekend. Can they send the correct pan with a return label that I can slap on the first unit they sent? I am not a huge fan of paying more than I was quoted for the new pan, but I understand that the guy that originally took my order was new or not supposed to be taking orders so I am down with paying the extra $30. I run a similar business so I know mistakes happen. At this point I just want to get this project done and the correct pan is the last thing holding me back. Let me know if they can send the DD pan with the return slip and then contact me for the additional amount.Thanks.

Zach Vaughn.

--11/17/2010 5:19PMResponse by Randy Foley:Unfortunately the only way to send another part is to charge you.You will receive credit for the original once we get it back to Premier, though.Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank You, Randy Foley

--11/17/2010 5:40PMMy e-mail response:Well, I cannot be out twice for the incorrect product so I will wait until they get everything figured out. How long will they take to get a RMA number? That should just take a simple phone call, correct? What account do they want to ship it back under?

Zach Vaughn.

--11/18/2010 9:50AMe-mail response by Randy:How long will they take to get a RMA number ? -- Usually a couple days.

That should just take a simple phone call, correct? -- Incorrect. I wish it were that easy.

What account do they want to ship it back under? -- ?? Fed Ex, I think. ???

Thank You, Randy Foley

--11/18/2010 11AMMy e-mail response a day later:C'mon, this is ridiculous. I called in a week ago to let you guys know that your rep ordered the wrong part...and I do not even have a RMA number yet. The part was delivered Monday, I called...again...Monday. At this point it looks like I may be done with Truck Addons if you guys cannot even handle this simple situation.

What is going on??

Zach Vaughn.

--11/19/2010 2:46 PM Randy Foley's response a full day later, two days after requesting the RMA number:"I may be done with Truck Addons"Why because Premier hasn't issued Return Authorization ??Doesn't seem right to me.

You sent your Return Request Nov 16th late afternoon. It's been two business daysThis is my 4th email to you in those two business days. What do you expect ??When Premier gives me the Authorization you will be the first to know.

Thank You, Randy Foley

--11/19/2010 3:37PMMy response:I ordered a product from, had nothing to do with your vendor. Some how your vendor got the order to me in ONE BUSINESS DAY. Now that they sent the wrong part, because an order-taker at your business got it wrong, it has been THREE BUSINESS DAYS and no RMA yet. I would say there is an issue there. The RMA is just the start of the return process. I am estimating another week or longer before you guys have the correct part to me. Someone needs to light a fire under someone's *** to get this taken care of now. It seems that you deal with this stuff all the time, as do I, but as a customer it is not acceptable to be told "you need to pay for another one" just to get the part that I originally ordered. I could almost see that if the return process was being expedited, but this is ludicrous.

Zach Vaughn.

--11/24/2010 4PM (6 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER REQUESTING AN RMA)e-mail from Randy:Hello,The RGA number for your return is: # RMA3496

Please write this number CLEARLY on a slip of PAPER and attach this to the box you are returning.


Fed Ex will be there within three business days to pick up your package.

Leave it someplace the driver can retrieve it if nobody will be home.

If the RGA number you have been provided is not clearly VISIBLE on the box, the item will be refused upon its arrival at our warehouse. We are not responsible for return shipments until they are RECEIVED ANDINSPECTED. When it has been inspected, we will send out your replacement part or refund accordingly.

Thank You,Randy Foley

--11/24/2010 4:23PMMy e-mail response:Thank you. The attached pics show what is waiting for the Fed Ex person. Should suffice.--Zach Vaughn.

--12/3/2010 5PM (8 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER RECEIVING THE RMA!!)My e-mail asking what was going on:Randy, any update on this order? Can you confirm that it has been received at Premier?Thanks.--Zach Vaughn.

--12/7/2010 8:19AM (another 4 days after hearing nothing!!)My e-mail asking what was going on:Randy, the return has been received back. Please complete my refund to my account now. Let me know the progress of this situation today.Thanks.

Zach Vaughn.

--12/7/2010 5:38PMFinally an admission that the part had been received back and the credit authorization was ready. He was still trying to get me to order the other part they were supposed to have shipped me weeks before. At that point I had already purchased the correct part elsewhere.e-mail by Randy Foley:Your credit is pending your approval of the reship.Mag-Hytec # 727DD - $249.95 deliveredPlease advise.

Thank You,Randy Foley

--12/8/2010 11AMe-mail response by me:Randy, at this point please refund the $209 in full to my credit card account so we can be finally finished with this transaction. With the associated delays in getting the correct product to me I have decided to end my relationship with and purchase the item and the rest of my truck accessories through another company. Please confirm when that refund has been completed.Thank you.

Zach Vaughn.

--12/8/2010 9:30AMe-mail response by Randy Foley. First mention of a "restocking fee".If money is refunded there will be a 20% handling fee.With a replacement order, restock fees are waived.Why aren't you ordering the 727DD ??Thank You, Randy Foley

--12/9/2010 9AMMy response. Also, I had called Randy, the owner of the company, and the Customer Service Manager and left message for everyone, with no one calling me back.Randy, there will not be a handling fee as it was your employee that miscommunicated the order to the supplier. I will not accept anything less than $209 and the transaction must be completed before the end of business today, 12/9/2010. I have brought this to the attention of my credit card company and they asked me to give you one last chance this week to correct the situation. This is the last chance. If this is not finished today I will have the fees reversed by Mastercard and then you guys can deal with them. Zach Vaughn.

--12/10/2010 11:56AMRandy's response:The owner of the company, Barry Sanders has delegated ALL decisions regarding, ALL returns to his Returns Manager.His mother is sick and he has been in and of the office and he is NOT able to return phone calls.He has listened to your voice mail, and supports my decision regarding your return. It was handled per our Return Policy. Below is a link to our Return Policy. Your inflexibility regarding the replacement order has narrowed our options.

Thank You,Randy Foley

--12/10/2010 NoonMy response:Randy, where is it in the returns policy that when your company sends the incorrect product that I cannot have a full refund, or be subject to a 20% handling fee? Here is what I see, "If there is a mistake on our part we'll do whatever it takes to make everything right." To me, that means that if a customer has followed the policy for a return and wants his money back there are no "narrowed options", just one--return my money, in full, to my account. I have been told that each phone order is taped and that you have confirmation of me asking Jamie specifically for a 727-DD and being quoted $209 for that item. If you cannot send me a 727-DD for the $209 that you have charged me then we do not have a deal and my only option is to dispute the charges with my credit card, as well as inform the BBB and every truck and offroad internet forum that I can find.

There are your "narrowed options". Either way, the process has been initiated with my credit card company as you have "narrowed my options" as well. I will say that it is sad that Barry has complete confidence in an incompetent, insolent person such as yourself. Is it really worth the money for you to turn me into a livid spokesperson for the failure of the company? A simple "We are sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Vaughn. How can we make the situation right." would have went a long way. I have not received one apology to this point and I have been nothing but accommodating.--Zach Vaughn.

--12/10/2010Randy's response:

Zach,"where is it in the returns policy that when your company sends the incorrect product that I cannot have a full refund, or be subject to a 20% handling fee?"The first line after the list of bullet points reads: All returns without exchange are subject to a return fee 20% of the purchase price of the item returned, also all freight charges.

"If there is a mistake on our part we'll do whatever it takes to make everything right." To me, that means processing the return, and shipping the correct part, for the correct price. It doesn't mean, losing money, or changing the policy when a customer disagrees with it.

"just one (option)--return my money, in full, to my account."If you would read the Return Policy you will see this is not an option.

"I will say that it is sad that Barry has complete confidence in an incompetent, insolent person such as yourself."It's amazing the bravery an email gives a person. I find your words humorous, and hope to meet you some day to afford you the chance to rescind them. LOL

"A simple "We are sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Vaughn."If it's that simple?We are sorry for the inconvenience, Mr Vaughn.Thank You, Randy Foley

--12/10/2010 1:42PMMy final e-mail to Randy Foley after his apparent physical threat in the previous e-mail:This will be my last comment on the matter and just see what the credit card company can do. I just wanted to clarify that my remarks regarding you were not personal. I feel, on a professional level, that your manner in handling this transaction has been insolent and if you were an employee of mine I would consider you incompetent as you have obviously alienated a customer who was spending money with my company. It is a shame that you take that as a physical threat. I have no desire to engage you in any physical matter, nor should I. I wanted to deal with a professional. I have not.

Regarding your return policy, apparently I am the *** then. If your policy allows for the company to send wrong items to customers and then charging the return and restocking fees to the customer that is amazing. Charging more than a quoted amount for a specified item is actually illegal.

Be well.--Zach Vaughn.

Monetary Loss: $209.

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I agree here is what happen to me. This company is just a bunch of criminals; they make a mistake and send you the wrong part.

Then you send it back and they want a 20 % restock fee for their mistake. Wrong, I called my credit card company they are reversing the charges.

This company will never return you phone calls or email. If I lived closer, I would visit them in person and have a nice friendly chat with Randy the crock in returns.


JB, You are missing the point.

Randy is an inconsiderate, arrogant employee and obviously has no concern for his customer's legitimate complaint. Zach was fair and patient. More so than I would have been......probably because he is in the business and understands how things happen.

Zach is incompetent at his job function!

I would have used vacation time to personally confront him as he offered. He needs a lesson that is much overdue!

I have nothing but respect for Zach. A seemingly level headed nice person!


JB - aka Randy Foley trying to cover his ***. It's not the fact that the part was asked to be returned.

The writer stated he offered to pay for the outbound part - and it took you forever to he got the part someplace else.

But because you SHIPPED the WRONG part and took your sweet time to get back to him and forced his hand to fix the problem you wanted to charge him a restock fee? Amazing.

Boggstown, Indiana, United States #255710

Ah, Zach. It seems to me the only thing Randy wanted was the chance to replace your product, as the emails prior were sufficiently accomodating.

You say you're in a similar business. If this is so, do you ship out items for free and just "hope" to get the return part back? If so, you probably won't be in business too long. I know from experience that "niceness" in the internet business world will only lead to customers taking advantage of the situation.

I had a guy once in your situation and I expedited the correct part to him the same day he got the wrong part. I made every arrangement possible in order to get the incorrect part back, and never got it.

I later learned that the guy had sold the part on eBay. :?

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